Topics for Training, Projects,and

Short - and Long-Term Interventions

The challenges that face district and school leaders have increased as the resources needed to address them have become more difficult to obtain. LeadershipEnergies is dedicated to providing training and support needed to build the capacity of leaders and staff to solve problems and improve performance. A partial list of training and project experience follows:


1. School & District Designs for Performance Improvement


2. Student Behavior and Performance Data: What Does it Tell Us? 


3. Diagnosing Performance Problems


4. Performance Improvement Readiness: Assessing Commitment and Capacity to Improve 


5. Team Work and Problem Solving 


6. Stakeholder Feedback—Diagnostic Inventory of District and School Performance Health


7. Leadership Training and Coaching 


8. Overcoming Underperformance—selecting appropriate performance targets


9. Leadership Agenda Inventory (LAI): Assessing and Improving Leadership Behaviors 


10.Clinical Cycler and Decision Making Protocols


11.Assessment of Professional Development Needs—Performance Expectations for Faculty


12.Using Critical Performance Categories (CPC) for Performance Improvement


13.Board Training in Effective and Integrated Governance


14.Board Leadership Agenda Inventory (BLAI): Assessing and Improving Board Effectiveness


15.Improved Board, Leadership, and Community Communications


16.Effective Prescriptions (Strategies) for Performance Improvement 


17.Budget Analysis: Improving Performance with Declining Resources 


18.Developing Staffing Plans with tight resources


19.Improved Staff Performance and Accountability


20.Community Stakeholder Support of the Budget Process and Outcomes 


21.Contract Negotiations Preparation 


Training and support are individually designed for each client and range from one day to multi-year support projects. All training qualifies for New Jersey professional development and continuing education requirements. Approved Provider Number is 6674.