Regional Training Centers for Clinical Practice in Education

Beginning in Fall 2014, the first Clinical Practice Training Center (CPTC) will begin to serve schools and districts of Southern New Jersey.



The purpose of the Center is to train teams of leaders and teachers from districts and schools in the processes and protocols of clinical practice more efficiently and economically. Teams from up to five schools can be trained together to substantially reduce training costs. In addition, teams from all participating schools will build networks to support individual school improvement efforts. Individual school teams will share their diagnoses, prescriptions, prognoses and assessments. Learning will extend beyond school specific challenges. 


In addition, an annual conference of participating schools, with invitations to other area schools, Department of Education representatives, college education faculty, and researchers will focus on the processes and results of clinical practice over the previous year. Conference proceedings will be published and made available to educators.



Participating school teams will meet twice each month after school hours to learn clinical practice processes and protocols. These sessions will be action based and focus on the application of clinical practice to the real life of participating schools. Using student, teacher, school, and other data already available, participants will engage in practical exercises related to diagnosis of root causes of underperformance, development of targeted prescriptions, forecasting outcomes (positive and negative prognoses) that should be anticipated, and assessing on-going 



Clinical Practice coaches will be on-site in each participating school each month to support 

implementation of clinical prescriptions developed by each team; to assist the team on-site; to coach and educate leaders, faculty, school board, and parents about clinical practice; and to coordinate classroom and real school experiences.


Additional Sites

Other regions have expressed interest in establishing a CPTC. Districts and schools that already 

have consortia, as well as those that are isolated from others, are encouraged to contact us to explore how an RTC can be established to support cost-efficient and outcome-effective improvement efforts in districts and schools.