Performance Health/Diagnostics

Vital Sign Performance Indicators (VSPI) are used to monitor district and school performancehealth just as vital signs are used in medicine to monitor individual human health. Seventeen organic systems, Critical Performance Categories (CPC), have been identified as critical components of district, school, employee, and student performance. VSPI in all seventeen are monitored and used to diagnose strengths and weaknesses and to influence the selection of prescriptions to improve performance. 


Performance health levels in the CPC are dependent upon the levels of commitment and capacity of the organization, employees, students, and at times, other stakeholders, to use resources cooperatively to unify efforts to raise student achievement. Several diagnostic instruments are available to measure current performance health and to determine the health levels needed in the future. 


Individual VSPI identify current health levels compared with past performance; with those achieved by similar districts, schools, employees, and students; the best performers; and with existing state standards. While individual VSPI are informative measures that help diagnose performance health issues, clusters of VSPI representing multiple CPC provide data and insights that foster more accurate diagnoses. 


Practice is needed to develop accurate diagnoses and prescriptions. Employees and other stakeholders organized in teams with varied perspectives learn to develop accurate diagnoses and prescriptions.