Dr. Phil Esbrandt
President & CEO

Dr. Phil Esbrandt serves as President and CEO of LeadershipEnergies, LLC (LE). LE is an innovative firm that has adapted clinical practices from medicine, to solve the adult and student learning problems in school districts and charter schools. The Clinical Practice Model (CPM) was created to increase student achievement and meet the public’s expectations for better school and employee performance. Using the CPM, LE associates prepare administrators and teachers to use performance data to diagnose practices needing improvement; develop prescriptions (plans and strategies) to overcome underperformance; measure, track, and report performance changes; and assess progress before implementing new prescriptions.


Designing and implementing productive teams in schools and school districts is a key component of performance improvement. A book about these performance improvement processes describes the concepts of clinical practice in PK-12 education. Phil Esbrandt and Bruce Hayes are co-authors of Curing Student Underachievement: Clinical Practice for School Leaders, published in 2012 by Rowman Littlefield and the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). 


Nine additional resource manuals have been completed to guide the implementation of clinical practice. The organic systems found in districts and schools that control performance quality introduced in the 2012 book are presented in detail in these manuals. Publication is expected in early 2015. Esbrandt and Hayes have presented CPM workshops at the 2013 and 2014 AASA and the NJ Charter School Association Conventions. Substantial improvements in school and student performance have been recorded after the introduction of clinical practice.


Dr. Esbrandt has served as a teacher, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent in five different school districts in the mid-Atlantic region; and has worked with community groups in many states to open and support charter schools. As a leader of and consultant to underperforming schools, he has guided performance turnarounds and has established a reputation for preparing future district and school leaders. 


While superintendent in the Cherry Hill School District in NJ, he simultaneously served as Chairperson of the Education Focus Group of Quality New Jersey and encouraged the use of Baldridge Award criteria to improve district and school performance. He also delivered quality improvement training programs to administrators and teachers. Several major corporate partners and government agencies were involved in the NJ Quality movement. 


After receiving his doctorate from Temple University, Dr. Esbrandt taught in master and doctoral degree programs to prepare teachers, principals, and superintendents for leadership responsibilities in high accountability environments. Candidates for advanced degrees and certificates learned how to implement strategies that enabled districts and schools to break out of the organizational patterns that have restrained creativity, innovation, and high achievement. Many of these strategies empowered employees and students to meet new performance expectations and were incorporated into the CPM. 


As president of LeadershipEnergies, Dr. Esbrandt leads a company that customizes training of teachers and administrators, tailors designs of improvement plans, and accelerates adult and student learning through clinical practice concepts, protocols, and diagnostic instruments to make continuous performance improvement a reality. In an era of impatience for high student achievement, clinical practice provides leaders with the guidance to produce better results in a short time period.