Translating the Medical Model for Education

LeadershipEnergies has adapted the medical model of diagnosis, prescription, and prognosis to improve education performance health and well-being. This model prepares educators to identify the strengths, needs, and improvement opportunities of district and school functions that impact student achievement (diagnosis), to select appropriate interventions and remedies (prescription), and to accurately predict outcomes and progress along the way (prognosis).


This model provides the processes, tools, and diagnostic instruments that improve decision-making and hold districts and schools accountable for both performance improvement and higher student achievement. Faithful implementation of clinical practice produces a systematic compilation of the remedies and interventions that work well and those that do not. Then, with the knowledge of what works under local conditions, the findings become a part of the library of professional experience that will benefit all employees and students. This new knowledge is applicable to all organization levels and can have a positive influence on board, district office, school, employee, and student performance.

Our Leadership Team

Phil Esbrandt

President & CEO

Dr. Bruce Hayes

Vice President